Classroom system digital seminar room virtual classroom / Online seminar

Classroom system digital seminar room virtual classroom / Online seminar


When new technology has stepped into everyday life more. Including the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) forming work, studying, training, seminars, meetings must be changed to work at home or called Work from Home in order to avoid contracting the virus accordingly. government policy Therefore, the way of working has been changed to an online format. whether studying Training, seminars, meetings, turn to the system that is a form of Virtual Classroom / Online Seminar that is already available. This is a WebRTC technology that can run in a web browser that communicates in real time. Get all video data, audio data, file sharing, and chat in one system without installing additional plug-ins.






Virtual Classroom / Online Seminar system or virtual classroom arrangement It is an Internet-based teaching and learning system that can be accessed by learners anywhere in the world where the Internet is available. There will be a classroom management system such as arranging teaching schedules, making appointments, making personal appointments, etc. to bring students into the teaching process at the same time. The communication is via video, audio and video streaming. Students can also chat and interact in the classroom in real time. This saves time, travel costs and other expenses that follow.



Virtual Classroom



We have developed a Virtual Classroom / Online Seminar system or a virtual classroom setting. Up for online meeting tools online classroom website Small rooms can be organized into groups, and the teacher’s screen sharing can also be made simple on the system, and participants are well-engineered in the room. Supports desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and laptops.


Features of Virtual Classroom

1. Able to create courses for learning.
2. Documents for learning are sent in soft file format via the system or via e-mail.
3. Able to schedule teaching, make an appointment, make an appointment online.
4. Presenting work with video streaming technology, images and sound.
5. Chat system.
6. Show unlimited number of student screens
7. You can change the theme for each classroom.

Benefits of Virtual Classroom

1. Promote and increase skills for teachers and learners to see the benefits of modern technology more
2. Flexibility in managing timetable will be displayed online
3. Able to access courses anytime, anywhere
4. Reduce travel expenses
5. Reduce all teaching materials.

Instructions for using the instructor

1. Registration system
2. Wait for Username / Password via Email
3. Registration confirmation
4. Create and manage teaching courses, lesson schedules, course prices
5. Create and manage course content
6. Manage the classroom classroom theme
7. Invite students to join the classroom.
8. Manage to draw students into the room. to show students pictures or open the camera
9. Start teaching

Steps to use students

1. Registration system
2. Wait for Username / Password via Email
3. Registration confirmation
4. Show all courses, lesson schedule, instructor name
5. Choose a course to study with a Shopping Cart system.
6. Pay with PromptPay, QR Code
7. Confirm payment
8. Login
9. Enter the classroom by invitation to purchase the course.
10 The teacher invites to the classroom. with pictures of students or open the camera
11. Start studying



Virtual Classroom


AVESTA Co., Ltd. has a classroom system. Virtual Classroom / Online Seminar is its own digital seminar room that can run on WebRTC technology, with an experienced system development team ready to deliver a classroom system. Digital Seminar Room Virtual Classroom / Online Seminar for customers to use today

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