SMS Alert system


SMS Alert system

SMS is one of the features that come with the phone system. This is a function that is widely used today. because of convenience, conciseness and long-term benefits Whether it’s for personal work or even today it is used more in business.

Until the technology of SMS has been used with the computer system to work together in a centralized way for maximum efficiency. Data center performance monitoring is an important part of every IT administrator’s job that shouldn’t be overlooked. There are several paths you can look at tools to help monitor performance when different alarm events occur. It will send messages to your mobile phone, email instantly. Help IT admins Stay up-to-date on operations and problems that arise in their environment in real time. with early warning.

SMS Alert is a short messaging system for notification of events. to mobile phone which can be connected to the software system other that the organization has a variety of styles.

Users can identify, resolve, and respond to any issues that may affect critical applications and business operations. pre-defined alarm You can use the SMS system to send messages to the person you want, and it can also be used with other systems.


Example of using SMS Alert for notification

        1. Server SMS Alert In case of Server Down or stop working, the system will send an alert SMS to the mobile phone of the Server Administrator.

        2. E-commerce SMS Alert Notify when someone orders through the website. for online business.

        3. Job SMS Alert Notify you when there is a new job position for Recruitment business.

        4. Bank SMS Alert Notify when money is transferred or withdrawn from an account for banking businesses.

        5. Engine SMS Alert in case of machine failure or in case of machine running. beyond the standard.



SMS Gateway working picture.


Highlights of the SMS Alert

Notification service can be selected according to need. Regardless of the convenience and speed via SMS on your mobile phone or complete information via E-mail

System components

        1. Server

        2. GSM Gateway

        3. SMS Gateway Server Software



        1. Enhancing flexibility in customer business management.

        2. Able to know problems and find a way to fix it in a timely manner.

        3. Convenience with SMS and or E-mail notification of movements and problems Sent directly to your registered mobile phone and/or e-mail address.

        4. Confident in doing business and service.


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