Service satisfaction survey system (Survey System)


When the organization was established What follows is communication, service, information, and if it’s a large organization. And having to serve a large number of users, there must be a system for management. And support for service, answering questions, facilitating a large number of people, that is, the contact center system. which is an essential system for management and facilitating users for business services or government organization various offices to increase service efficiency and reach the needs of users as well.


Most of the Call Center systems in use today can be purchased licenses or licenses and installed by installation. It needs to be set up and controlled by a competent operator. Including the control to be safe as well in which those who act must have expertise in the system.

When an organization has a contact center system It is imperative to have a survey to measure service satisfaction. of contact center staff to be used as part of decision-making, improvements, corrections, products or services to improve.


Avesta Company Limited has a Survey System for managing satisfaction measurement reports. by an experienced development team which is a system created to measure the quality of service Find a way to improve the service level. improve the service of personnel to be able to provide quality service effective and make the service recipients impressed, satisfied, come back to use the service again in the next round or think of quality service Effective problem solving or answering Is it the first or the first choice that comes to mind? To make customers decide to use the service repeatedly and regularly


Satisfaction Survey System

is software for contact center system data service Telephone Troubleshooting Service receive a complaint or buy a service over the phone which the system will analyze the data customer rating After receiving the service which when customers have assessed their satisfaction The system will record and analyze the results. and generate an assessment report. Assessment report summary It is also possible to set the assessment date, time, report format, summary chart as a percentage for easy and up-to-date browsing. The system can be used via the Internet.




The main features of the Survey System.



* There is a control panel that shows all the data analysis charts.

* View individual employee satisfaction assessment data.

* Summary of employee satisfaction assessment results according to the desired date and time.

* Export assessment report data as official documents.

* Able to edit profile information of employees, devices that employees are stationed.

* Access information and assessments online. with access rights system.

* Able to set expiration date.




System advantages

1. The staff requesting the assessment does not have to meet with the respondents.

2. No staff required to fill out information from paper onto a computer.

3. Do it all the time

4. Suitable for receiving a story because most of them have complaints usability problem product information or issues that need improvement without face and don’t know who it is.



Avesta Survey System has two service modes.


1. On Premise is a Client/Server system. On customer’s own Infrastructure, manage by yourself, one time investment in purchase License Software to install on their own machine and install the Hardware system to be able to manage themselves which has a one time cost.


2. Software-as-a-Service as a service model software over the internet similar to renting just the buyer Pay for the software on a pay-as-you-go basis, i.e. the number of users and the length of time you want to use it. can access the measurement software immediately via a web browser. which has a monthly cost.


with the following differences:


Feature survey-system

what you will get.



  • License Software.
  • Private Survey System.
  • Software/hardware installer.
  • provide technical assistance.
  • after sales service problem solving.
  • The system works on the customer’s own server.
  • Report results through a web browser on the customer’s own system.
  • Accessed and set up through the customer’s own system.
  • The data is on the customer’s server.


Software as a Service

  • Use the system on the cloud system through the web service.
  • pay monthly fee
  • The staff install the software and test the functionality.
  • provide technical assistance
    Consulting service, asking questions about usage.
  • System administrator 24 hour
  • Reporting results via the Internet
  • have access account and can be adjusted The data is stored in the cloud, which is secure. and have a backup.



ความต้องการของระบบแบ่งออกเป็น 2 รูปแบบดังนี้

แบบที่สนับสนุน การติดตั้งบนระบบปฏิบัติการ สนับสนุนเฉพาะระบบปฏิบัติการ แบบ 64 บิท ไม่สนับสนุนแบบ 32 บิท


Windows system support model

The client’s server must install one of the systems in order for it to be installed. software for contact center system who want to measure service results.


      VM Platforms

  • VMware ESX 5.X or later
  • Microsoft HyperV 2008 R2 or later
  • KVM
  • Citrix XenServer 7.0 or later
  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud Engine Instance



  • intel i3 CPUs
  • 4 Gb of RAM


System operating environment

  • Latest version of Firefox, Google Chrome or Edge.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.6.1 or higher.
  • A constant internet connection to on port 443.
  • Requires HTTP and HTTPS connections over the Internet.

Supported models for Linux systems

     VM Platforms

  • VMware ESX 5.X or later.
  • Microsoft HyperV 2008 R2 or later.
  • KVM
  • Citrix XenServer 7.0 or later.



  • CPU 1 Core
  • 1 Gb of RAM


System operating environment

  • Latest version of Firefox, Google Chrome or Edge.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.6.1 or higher.
  • A constant internet connection to on port 443.
  • Requires HTTP and HTTPS connections over the Internet.

However, if the customer’s system already has these systems can proceed with the installation of the survey system.



When people have to get involved with things And that can meet the needs of those people. Which will be expressed in the form of feelings such as like a lot, like a little, etc. The level of satisfaction of each person. different Based on the person’s values ​​and experiences, satisfaction is an attitude resulting from a state, quality, or level of expression. interest in things and the attitude that each person has about that thing caused by a positive or negative emotional state.


the importance of satisfaction.

Satisfaction Strategy To customers is the ultimate goal of success in service operations to make customers feel good. and was impressed with the service received until he was addicted and come back to use the service again bring a competitive advantage in the market As a result, the quality of society as a whole has improved. It can be said that customer satisfaction is an important factor in evaluating the quality of Service if any activity presents good service. The quality meets the needs of customers’ expectations. As a result, customers are satisfied with that service and are more likely to use the service again. The quality of service that will make customers satisfied depends on the service characteristics that appear, such as the reliability of the service. Willingness to provide service as well as knowledge and ability to provide service with confidence and understanding to users.




Measure of satisfaction

The measure of satisfaction with the service is can be measured in a number of ways depending on what to measure The aim of the measurement of convenience, suitability, whether or not satisfaction with the service will be achieved must be determined by its nature. of the service of the organization together with the level of feelings of the service recipients in various dimensions individual

1. Using the questionnaire which is one of the most popular methods by requesting or asking for cooperation from the person who wants to measure Leave a comment in the form provided with an answer to choose from. or as an independent answer The answer to the question may ask about satisfaction in various fields. that the agency is providing services, such as the nature of the service property period of service to the person providing the service, etc.

2. Interviewing is another way of acknowledging the level of customer satisfaction, it requires the interviewer’s technique and expertise to motivate the interviewee. Answer the questions to the facts Satisfaction Measurement by Interview Method It is a very economical and effective method.

3. Observation is one way to know the level of satisfaction of the service users. by way of observing behavior both before receiving the service while waiting for service And after receiving services, such as observing gestures, speech, facial expressions and the frequency of requests for services, etc., this measure must be observed by the measurer himself. And there must be a serious pattern to measure effectively.

4. Measuring satisfaction by rating There is a rating scale used for each satisfaction. Assessor’s level which this assessment must rely on the voluntaryness of the service user and service quality to measure the satisfaction of the service users service quality of the service provider Therefore, it is necessary to measure whether How satisfied are the service users? or dissatisfied with any service To improve the quality of service even better.



Why measure satisfaction?

According to the survey, businesses in APAC are more likely to lose customers who are unsatisfied with contact center contacts. to competitors as high as 47 percent. Ten percent of respondents who were dissatisfied with a service said they had switched to a product or service from another provider.

In this survey, the sample was asked about the overall satisfaction of using the service. In the most recent contact center, 69 percent said they were satisfied, while 18 percent said they were not satisfied. The Australian sample was among the most dissatisfied with nearly a quarter of all respondents, or 24%, across the region. Dissatisfied survey respondents with the experience of communicating with the contact center Blame their inability to solve problems. or hold the line for too long while troubleshooting Singapore was the only country that indicated that waiting in line was a major cause of their dissatisfaction with 36 percent of those polled said. The low quality of customer service is the main factor that drives them to switch to the services of their competitors. The results of this survey are significant. which reinforces the strategic importance of the contact center.

It was found that the fast response times were what they expected only from the operator’s contact centers. Survey respondents were satisfied and rated, in this respect, an increase from 21 percent a year ago. Other deciding factors were politeness (13% of respondents vs. 10% last year) and customer service reps’ ability to access knowledge (10 percent vs. 14 percent last year). in the past). interact with the company is the contact center’s ability to solve customer problems right from the call. or contact for the first time.

Therefore, organizations must adapt their customer service strategies to meet their needs and expectations. which has an increasing number Any company that understands the level of service their customers can expect and can deliver. concrete through various channels and technology that will be able to meet the needs of customers The company will be able to make a superior difference to their business. As a leader in customer service That means higher customer retention and potential for new customers.

Measurement and Reporting of Satisfaction Surveys from Contact Center Systems It is very important to organizations or companies to be able to analyze satisfaction report obtained from answering the questionnaire or service provider ratings from satisfaction level to the quality of information services problem solving service of service recipients or those service users which can bring these results to Diagnose to establish rules, conditions, guidelines for development, training, staff preparation to enhance service capability Solving problems for service users or providing various knowledge as the service users want and the service provider can do.



Why contact center system Therefore, satisfaction must be measured.

good contact center system with the satisfaction survey to improve the service or upgrading the ability to provide services to be able to compete with business competitors from the impression and increased satisfaction from development, service, problem solving, and better answering customer questions. of employees who will act in order to get their service scores from service recipients at a good to very good level based on their commitment to service and service capability from training, personnel development, from past service reports which will make employees Serve customers to the fullest and to the best of their ability. to get those scores.


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