Restaurant booking system

Restaurant booking system

When new technology comes in every day with the social world both online and offline. or the coronavirus situation (COVID-19) that cannot be confirmed when it will end causing restaurants to adapt to a highly competitive situation An efficient restaurant management system is needed that will facilitate the restaurant’s customers and employees. make customers get the most satisfaction in service Either booking a table online via Line OA, Facebook page ) or by phone. make it more advantageous

Currently, restaurants that have adopted technology to develop in the shop will make it faster to serve customers. allowing that store to be able to manage the restaurant to keep up with the increasing number of customers in the future effective Convenience to customers Online table reservations via Line OA, Facebook page can view promotions of the shop through the above. which increases the convenience of purchasing or checking The status of the restaurant for a variety of user choices Wherever you are, you can check what promotions the store has. There is a snack table. Where is the snack table zone or when is it open for service?





Restaurant booking system We have developed to support restaurants. dining table reservation Choose a dining table area before anyone else. On special occasions before anyone else online which the system has been integrated with leading applications such as Line OA, Facebook page for instant restaurant reservations When a restaurant reservation is made The system will display the information on the screen on the website monitor to inform the customer. The store clerk knows that the restaurant has been reserved. The system has a choice of dining tables. Choose a dining table zone, specify the number of people, choose a service time Always ready to show your booking status

Advantages of using a table reservation system

1. Able to accept reservations 24 hours a day.
2. Reduce the complexity of receiving duplicate bookings. such as on holidays or days with a lot of bookings Using a central system prevents duplicate bookings.
3. Reduce the burden of employees that will take time to receive a reservation
4. Can bring booking information of customers to analyze for marketing purposes

service model

1. Software-as-a-Service : which is a rental system where Avesta will be the administrator for all of you. You don’t have to buy any hardware and a monthly contract.
It is a pre-pay system that pays in advance on a monthly basis. no obligation
2. On Premise : is the installation of the system in Your own Infrasturcture, all information is yours. is a buyout Comes with a 90 day warranty (but you can purchase an additional warranty later).

Additional Features

1. Room booking system, which is an add-on In addition to the table reservation system, you can also use
in conjunction with the room reservation system Suitable for many activities such as spas, massages, karaoke, restaurants with private rooms, meeting rooms, seminar rooms.
2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track customers
3. Loyalty Program System

Example of a restaurant booking system



Feature for restaurant reservation system as follows:

Home page system ( Front – end )

  1. List of table reservations
    – date / time of booking
    – name of the booking
    – number of customers
    – table name
    – dining area
    – Special occasion names
    – status

Sign in

Show table reservations on monitors or smart TVs


Back-office system (Back-office)

  1. Manage booking information
  • Table reservation information
    – Service time
    – Lunch
    – Dinner
    – date/time
    – number of customers
    – telephone number
    – First name – last name of the customer
    – Email
    – Choose a dining table
    – special occasion


booking information management


  • Table reservation show
    – name of the booking
    – telephone number
    – special occasion
    – date / time of the transaction
    – date / time of booking
    – number of customers
    – table name
    – status


table reservation show

2. Table arrangement

  • dining table list
  • dining table category
  • Number/at the dining table
  • dining table area
  • period
    – Lunch
    – Dinner
  • status
    – Empire
    – Reserved


dining table arrangement

3. Manage interval data

  • Service time name
  • service time


manage period data


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