Point of Sale System (POS)

In the era of higher commercial business competition whether it is a grocery store Retail stores, drugstores, restaurants, movie theaters, and department stores. which entrepreneurs are aiming for tools to help businesses Whether it is product inspection, product price, cost-profit calculation Stocking of products, various reports, including a point of sale system for the convenience of customers, that is, a POS (Point Of Sale) system or a point of sale system. Which cannot be denied that this system has come to help support the sales business quite a lot.



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What is a POS system?

POS system or Point Of Sale is a point of sale system. That is highly popular today, whether it is grocery stores, retail stores, drugstores, restaurants, movie theaters, and department stores. brought in to help with sales in front of the shop The development of the system is rooted in the calculator. cash machines until reaching POS systems with higher capabilities It has all the functions of product stocking, product sales, sales volume, summary reports, and can be used with the most efficiency.



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Currently, we have developed a POS system that can be connected to the ERP system already. which will be a subsystem part of your business in the production process of products, raw materials, cost prices of customers directly to bring the system to help sales of cells especially If you are interested or looking for a good POS system, you can consult us. May adjust the system to suit your business as well


What are POS systems?

  • Newly developed software with full functionality whether it is a point of sale system stock system customer database system Promotional code system, system of withdrawal, borrowing, returning, exchange between branches various reporting systems.
  • Hardware that can support a variety of POS-enabled devices such as tablets, laptops, desktop computers, POS terminals, barcode readers. receipt printer.


Features for POS systems are as follows:

Home page system ( Front – end )

  • show product information
  • show product price
  • show product promotion
  • show discount price
  • report


POS Platform


backyard system example




Calculation system example credit card binding creating a promotion


POS Platform

customer receipt sample

Back-office system (Back-office)

  • point of sale calculation system
  • Stock system
  • customer database system
  • branch database system
  • Promotion code system
  • System for disbursing, borrowing, returning, exchanging goods between branches
  • various reporting systems
  • The system is connected to the customer’s ERP system.


POS Platform

Example of stock system for each branch


POS Platform

Examples of various reporting systems

Why use our POS system?

  • The point of sale system will display the products in an orderly fashion. Organized into categories and can check popular products
  • There is a product promotion system.
  • The system calculates the price of the product correctly. and serve customers faster
  • can reduce the problem of lost money or sales that do not match the truth
  • You can check the stock of products at any time.
  • Able to withdraw, borrow, return, exchange products between branches.
  • There is a system linked to the database system between branches.
  • There is a system that can link the POS system with the customer’s ERP system.
  • Able to extract cost prices, profits, products from the ERP system to process directly.
  • Can’t use the storefront system Can only use the back-of-house system as well.
  • There are various reporting systems.


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