Micro Proxy Appliance a software for serving various data requests. to limit internet usage within the organization


is the working style One form of computer work as a proxy is to serve as a service. requests for information With other machines in the network means that it is a medium for communication in the network between the Internet and the user. When a user accesses the website through a proxy, the information that the user wants It will be sent to the proxy first and then the proxy will be forwarded to the web server of that web site instead of searching for information directly. You can also set up a proxy for easy access to various websites. especially
Can access the website only from authorized websites, cannot access other websites that not involved not allowed or websites that are not related to work.


Proxy is divided into 4 main types as follows:

1. Transparent proxy is a proxy that does not require any configuration on the client machine. It works automatically by sending all values ​​via port 80 to the proxy.
2. Anonymous Proxy will not send any user authentication values ​​to the server, making the server unable to see your real IP address.
3. Highly Anonymous Proxy will not send any values ​​that verify the identity of the proxy and the user to the server, making the server unable to see your true IP address. And it doesn’t even know you’re using a proxy.
4. Public Proxy, the most widely used public.


Micro Proxy Appliance

Why use restrictions? or use only some websites

Internet use within an organization or company is required to be limited. For work that requires speed and executives want all employees to focus on the work. Commitment to work and work with the best of intentions in order to work out well And in accordance with the expectations of the management, therefore, limiting the use of the Internet for employees/personnel committed to work Do not distract or focus on anything other than the assigned task.


DNS Management Dashboard


Micro Proxy Appliance suitable for organizations ?

The Micro Proxy Appliance is designed specifically for companies working in CAD/CAM, CNC design, to make managing BIM360 access or Autocad Cloud access for design easier, more convenient and faster. and limit the use of the internet in itself to make it work is continuous and users can concentrate on working


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