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What is loyalty program? The loyalty program is definitely good. Kraken card keeps working

Why have a loyalty program?

Did you know that ? Retaining an “existing customer” costs 10-25 times less than acquiring new customers. Because there is no need to spend a huge marketing budget like finding new customers. To create awareness, reach and influence to buy our products or services. It’s really not that easy. Therefore, it is not uncommon that we often see many leading businesses. Turning attention to their old customers by doing Customer Loyalty or Loyalty Program in various forms. Whether it’s making a loyalty card or many other activities to give customers the best impression. until it becomes a close bond between the brand and its customers.



Have you encountered any of these problems?

– Spend a lot of money to get customers to know your brand.

– Create various advertisements to make your brand attractive.

– There are new competitors keep happening.

– Want existing customers to come back to you.

– Want to present a new campaign but no channel.

– Want to reward customers people who use the service often.

– What products are selling well or not?

– How will customers know that the store has a new promotion?

– Customers want rewards, how to do?

– Most customers What products and services do you like?

– Wouldn’t it be nice if customers use the service and get rewards and want to come back to you again?


“Loyalty Program is the answer to all”


What is a ‘Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program strategy is one of the marketing tools that fall under the customer relationship management strategy or CRM. is to know the needs of customers shopping behavior Factors in purchasing or using the service And used to store customer data (Database) to find suitable programs to use to create marketing benefits and Lifetime Value Customer.


In addition, the main media is the bulletin board on the website. Joint activities or activities This is to create a direct Word of Mouth experience for members and gain awareness of the community and interested groups. which various activities will cause what is known as “Marketing touch point” (Touch Point) The continuous activities that will build engagement with consumers as well.


and it is known today that Most organizations focus on CRM or develop with customer relationship management, and one of the processes in CRM is marketing to build long-term customer relationships. so that customers can stay with us forever Also known as Customer Lifetime Value or CLV.


Loyalty Program starts with bringing information. from the customer database system, whether it is demographic information shopping behavior or other information that can be used to analyze how our customers behave What do you like or dislike? and can divide customers into which groups?


when we can classify customers and understand the needs of customers very well It is not difficult to formulate various communication strategies. to stimulate the use of the service and create satisfaction for our customers in the next order Such as using the membership system, loyalty cards or promotions for regular customers. that can be seen in many businesses.



How does the Loyalty Program benefit your business?

As we have said, the Loyalty Program is to take advantage of the customer database system. Analyze it to find out how to satisfy your customers. Which of course will lead to business benefits as follows:


# You will be able to take care and categorize customers appropriately and effective

The Loyalty Program processes data from the customer database system. makes it possible to understand the differences of each group of customers help you plan or launching marketing campaigns for product development or a service model that will be suitable for each group of customers.


# Customers come back to use the service regularly.

using the membership system loyalty card or promotion with terms of service in order to receive various benefits considered to encourage customers come back to use the product or services on a regular basis.


# Leads to Brand Loyalty (Brand Loyalty)

meeting the needs and continually creating satisfaction for customers is an important part that makes customers feel good about the brand and ultimately lead to loyalty to the brand Which of course will have a very positive effect on the business. because customers will have ideas and good attitude towards the brand Happy to talk about brands you like or are satisfied with. including defending the brands he loves when there is bad news or bad news and attacks on that brand also happened.


AVESTA has a CRM system for managing customer management. by an experienced development team which is a system created for customer management Promotion Management choose to receive service or redeem rewards In order for customers to decide to buy, buy repeatedly, buy regularly, it is the solution that leading stores choose to use, that is, the  Kraken Card


Kraken Card

Kraken Card


Kraken Card Platform

Divided into 2 Business Models:

Feature loyalty-system

Feature loyalty-system



Kraken Card_home

How to redeem points for goods, services or rewards

– Customers can choose promotions in the list of found mobile phones that they want to redeem from the list of participating promotions.

– Customers can choose a convenient exchange method, whether it’s receiving a code, scanning a QR Code or scanning a barcode.

– Employees can check the results of the exchange by checking the results from the customers with the system.

– Notification system to customers via app when exchange results are available.


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