Chatbot services platform system

AI Chatbot services platform Service to answer customer questions automatically close the sale by yourself.


In an era where social media technology has increasingly played an important role in daily life. that is moving all the time making it a very popular online business channel Therefore, it is an opportunity to allow businesses to earn more. which online businesses usually have communication, trading 24 hours a day with customers directly The current online store opening, which is built to sell through a wide variety of platforms, is also free. But when the store has a lot of customers, it can’t respond to many customers immediately, including checking the stock with the back of the house. Sometimes customers ask questions during the closing time of the shop. which requires a tool to answer that question, namely Chatbot system that has the ability to automatically talk to customers and close sales. Work like an admin of the shop 24 hours a day. Here, this will help reduce the admin’s working time. can reduce the cost of employment.






What is AI Chatbot?

AI Chatbot is an artificial intelligence or robotic software package created to answer automated text conversations called Chatbots, which can work on behalf of humans or system administrators who communicate with customers in the form of text, images, which AI Chatbot can respond to chats with customers automatically. Know what behavior customers want Selling products, closing sales, collecting customer data into the database. Helping to take care of more customers, working 24 hours a day for us. and help reduce the cost of hiring an admin which can be used to Integrate LINE OA , FB Messaging , Web Chat etc.


How does AI Chatbot work?

1. Integrate with different platforms.
2. Analyze customer questions Check for text that is the same or similar to the given keyword.
3. The system works 24 hours a day.
4. Instantly reply to chats with customers automatically.
5. Selling products Notify new promotions.
6. Check the stock after the shop in real time.
7. Close the sale by yourself.
8. Collect customer information Customer behavior data into the database.
9. Help take care of more customers.


1. Use as a Customer Service (CS) system.
2. Automatic sales closing system (Sales Bot).
3. Consultancy Services.
4. Knowledge Based System.


An example of AI Chatbot responding to customers to apply

ai chatbot


Computer Man                                                                                          Computer Man




In addition, it can be applied in a variety of ways on the sales business platform. Depending on the needs of customers, at AVESTA we provide application development services with all forms, whether it is a new application (Custom Application Development) or using Chatbots to work with various social media platforms that customers Existing to increase the convenience of service  You can test the functionality of our AI Chat at

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