System to help import – export agricultural products

system to help import – export agricultural products It is now an important economic activity. of the country is very especially Thailand which is an export base for a variety of products Both from Thai entrepreneurs and from foreign investors. But the production of the product requires the use of raw materials from many areas. Especially agricultural products from neighboring countries bordering Thailand. resulting in a large number of import and export entrepreneurs at the international border checkpoint of Thailand The implementation of the import of agricultural products. It is necessary to rely on the relationship between the exporter from the country of origin and the importer who is an entrepreneur in Thailand. including the use of many official forms That’s why AVESTA has created software to facilitate import entrepreneurs. Has acted quickly in many ways The next part will be discussed about the features.





What is the import-export assistance system for agricultural products?

Assisted import-export agricultural products system is a system that will help service providers transport goods from neighboring countries into Thailand or Thailand to neighboring countries more easily. Develop a transportation system whether it is logistics Agricultural products or many others to facilitate cross-border transport service providers in neighboring countries. which the system will help from the issuance of official documents Necessary to show to the customs officer quota creation with relationships with exporters of origin abroad In addition, it also helps to track the number of cars, crew members, tracking systems and checking the status of transportation. address in our transportation system Including issuing invoice type documents to customers who use the service.


The main module of the import-export assistance system for agricultural products.

  • Manage System Members
  • Manage Border Crossings / Departure Date – Return Date
  • Manage Customers/Nationalities
  • Manage carriers/quotas
  • Manage carriers (destination country)
  • manage product groups
  • Manage trucks / vehicle types / vehicle registrations
  • Manage crew members / duties of crew members
  • Manage vehicle tracking and vehicle status
  • manage income and expenses
  • Manage invoices
  • Relevant reports such as cross-border car delivery report, unreturned car report, cash report and accrued money


How does the system help import – export agricultural products work?

  • Manage System Members It is a registered membership management. take care of members And also set the privileges of the system.
    border crossing The system will manage all documents such as trucks / vehicle registration / courier / date of issue / date of return, including invoices for each border crossing.
  • Manage customers / nationalities The system will manage all customer information whether it is Company name/person name/address/telephone number/nationality
  • Manage carriers / quotas is a system that manages the information of various carriers on our side, including the quota arrangement of all carriers. before crossing the border
  • Manage carriers (destination country) is a data management system for various transport providers on the destination country side.
  • Truck Management / Vehicle Type / Vehicle Registration is a truck information management system, whether it is vehicle registration / vehicle name / vehicle type / engine number / vehicle number.
  • Manage crew members / duties of crew members Is a vehicle management information system, whether it is an identity card number / passport number / name / age / nationality
  • Manage vehicle tracking and vehicle status Is a vehicle tracking information management system and vehicle status, whether it is vehicle registration / driver / product / customer / Thai
  • service provider / destination country service provider / vehicle tracking / vehicle status
  • manage income and expenses It is the management and control of all finances whether income and expenses with the aim of reducing the risk financial proof
  • manage invoices It is a document used to notify customers of the amount to be paid according to the product list. or services received from companies or organizations
  • report




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